You probably just want to see our work? Yeah… I understand, that’s cool but let’s chat a little!

Hi!!!! I’m Niki; the one that talks a lot! I’m a little bit loud! I’m married to my most favorite human EVERRRRRR, his name is Aaron(you’ll hear about him soon) and I’m slightly obsessed. We have two obnoxious pre-teen boys! Seriously, these boys… oi vey! Why are boys so weird! If you come for a session or consult, you may see them running around without shirts on or you may not because their faces are glued to their devices.  It’s a total toss up! Hmmm a little bit about me… I am a total dork!  I love reading, unicorns, FLAMINGOS, gardening, canning what we grow, and doing artsy fartsy crafty things.  I love to laugh and I’m generally always in a good mood especially in the mornings! Oh yes, one of THOSE people! Woot Woot! Anddddd I’m an absolute bear hugger!! You’ll definitely get a big squeeze from me! I love different and change and excitement!  Glitter is my most favorite color so I’m kind of fabulous… duh! I love being a photographer to the most special people in the world! I’ve always had a camera in my hands or was asking my parents to buy me film or cute flash bulbs! I remember my dad teaching me about manual focus sitting on our back porch when I was a little girl; my love of a camera has always been there… I adore capturing life for you! It’s litraleeeeee(I love Parks and Rec too)my favorite thing to do and I can’t imagine having any other “job.” I always say if I could photograph food and weddings for the rest of my life, that would be it for me! That’s my dream! We’ll probably be best friends after we meet, I believe there’s no such thing as too many friends! Hi, I’m Aaron. I’m not nearly as loud or chatty as her.  I’ve always been into art and music. I’m a drummer in a rock band, ok just at our church, but ya know… I’m totally not a morning person, I’m more of a noon, after I’ve had my coffee person, so imagine mornings at our house… I’ve newly found out that I like to run, who knew! I like to play basketball and grow a lot of our food and more recently I’m trying to tap some maple trees so we can try our hand at make making maple syrup.  I’m not really a hugger, but I will give you the awesomest hand shake ever! My love for photography began when we had our boys. Documenting their lives made me realize how precious those memories are. For the most part, unless your session is for one child or a small family, you’ll get both of our cameras in your faces! People always ask us how we work so well and so much together… The answer is pretty simple for us… We know nothing else. We got married when we were young and had kids a few years after, we’ve just always been together, it’s just who we are. We want your photography journey to be about who you are! What you see is what you get! You’ll always be you! We tell your story from start(ish) to finish(ish).  Grass will always be normal green! The sky will always look like what it did on your wedding day!  – We’re very much documentary when it comes to our work! You won’t ever look like your playing in a muddy forest when it’s a bright sunny June day!  That’s just our style and who we ARE!